About Spaces

What is Spaces?
Spaces is a platform to discover where Canadian innovation comes to life. Going beyond photography, Spaces pairs visuals with stories and interviews with entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals to get insights about their spaces and why they chose Canada as the place to start, grow, and succeed.

Why was Spaces created?
Spaces aims to promote the profile of Canada's unique and diverse tech ecosystem, draw foreign and retain domestic talent, attract new businesses and investments, and provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to tell stories about their space.

Why is Spaces focused on Canadian innovation?
We are passionate about the Canadian tech and innovation scene and want to do our part to promote and celebrate it.

Are there plans to expand Spaces beyond Canada?

What audience was Spaces built for?
Spaces was built for everyone generally interested in tech in Canada and beyond.

  • Potential hires looking into a prospective employer spaces
  • Foreign and domestic talent that may think cool, modern spaces only exist in Silicon Valley can come to Spaces and discover offices of Canadian organizations that rival that of SV companies
  • Office managers and interior designers looking for inspiration to design, remodel, or refurnish their offices
  • Investors or agents that are looking into purchasing commercial real-estate or subleasing real-estate. Since Spaces will target tech spaces, this would be a great avenue for real-estate agents to find or showcase spaces
  • Entrepreneurs looking for coworking spaces in Canada
  • Startups researching accelerators, incubators, or general spaces to lease or be a part of can use Spaces to look into the types of amenities and the overall atmosphere that various spaces offer

What is a Collection?
Collections are curated spaces grouped by region or topic.

Can I create my own collection?
No, not at this time.


Can I submit my space to Spaces?
Absolutely! You can submit your space through our form or send us an email at hi@seethespaces.com.

What kinds of spaces are you looking for?
We are looking for all kinds of tech organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Startups
  • Companies
  • Corporations
  • Agencies
  • Studios
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Coworking spaces

I have a startup that doesn't have a very 'fancy' space. Can I still submit it to Spaces?
For the most part, yes. Spaces hopes to capture the evolution of spaces as startups or companies grow. While this will happen at varying rates, your space will look much different a year or even a few months from now... and that's a good thing.

Do you accept submissions of unfinished spaces?
We sure do! We are open to posting renderings or concepts of unfinished spaces.


Can Spaces come by my office to take photos of it?
Good question! Let's chat – send us an email at hi@seethespaces.com.