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Brand Assets

Logo & Wordmark

Download vector and .png versions of our logo and mark for certain uses below. We ask you to respect our branding guidelines and not alter the logo in any way, shape or form. Download all brand assets (197KB ZIP).

Brand logo black 5679462742a5a518d048b3e70a62f129127fc7020b45cf03bfb173c3b48609c6 Brand logo black@2x b39fda0701e934f397ebb364b866c7b48b92cd21bf62f99fb6501fb7100e382a
Brand logo white 1b69a632380a8b31fb56868e8f818094623d748ea240c5262f549f90208a4e13 Brand logo white@2x 9fc5117b8f370b29137d9345214a934a16e7d3aa89136b2a986265b50a58c5fc
Logo (Horizontal)


Use in areas where the wordmark would look too small or awkward. For example, in a Twitter profile picture or website favicon.

Brand icon black 91f52b1a10af81ee6cedabaf113441b46cd777332859e51bd4c5baa1e7b4541d Brand icon black@2x 066a990370c4ea28cc317fe1259edd3dea1a3e326d2abfc152aa43ae5efbc276
Brand icon white 36185c41c196c184658d2fb55356f54993f67f0beb07a68f4d5928d8e7cb907c Brand icon white@2x 2af5920716cf5c1e56eda912f1c3a37fa65388211a977459508f529bf77edef0
Logo (Icon)